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Bone & Heart Support

Bone & Heart Support

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Both vitamins D3 and K2 are essential to the body's function and overall health. Vitamin D3 aids in absorbing calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for bone formation and maintenance.

In addition to supporting the development of strong bones, vitamin K2 may also benefit the cardiovascular system since it may promote healthy blood clotting.

Message on the bottle: Maximize your health potential with our comprehensive multivitamin. It delivers optimal doses of calcium, vitamin D3, and K2, a power trio that supports bone health, enhances calcium absorption, and assists in its proper distribution to your bones—not your arteries. The Vitamin D3 increases your body's calcium uptake, while K2 ensures it reaches the bones where it's most needed. Our formula is further enriched with Black Pepper Fruit Extract, known to boost nutrient absorption, making each ingredient more effective. This carefully crafted supplement supports your overall health, maintaining strong bones, and promoting cardiovascular wellness. Take a step towards a healthier you with our multi-benefit vitamin pill.


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